The visit to Saona Island is the excursion that everyone recommends when they know that you are visiting the Dominican Republic, it really is a heaven on earth !, almost idyllic for its landscapes and the transparency of its waters. Saona Island is located in the southeastern end of the Dominican Republic, is the largest of the Dominican Republic's islands, is part of the Eastern National Park and serves as a sanctuary for several species of migratory birds.

Originally its name was "Adamanay", is an aboriginal primitive name. On the second voyage from Don Christopher Columbus to Hispaniola Island, he was accompanied by an Italian from Savona, an Italian region. This Italian was the one who discovered the Island and Don Christopher Columbus wanted to baptize his honor, calling it with the name: "Savona Island". For years, the inhabitants of the Island were the name difficult to pronounce, reason why they changed the name for: "Isla Saona".