Each regular Tanama Excursion contains a fabulous river cruise on our traditional riverboat. You will experience the mighty gorge of the Chavon River, just east of La Romana, as no other. The banks are covered with dry tropical jungle and wildlife is everywhere around. No worries ... there are no crocodiles or piranhas, but we might see the freshwater Turtle, the Fish Hawk, the Turkey Vulture and numerous water birds...

But first and foremost the gorge itself is very impressive. With a tropical storm or a passing hurricane the water can rise more than 8 meters (24 ft) and that shows, in millions of years the gorge is caved out of the surrounding sandstone and at places the rivers meanders more than 80 meters (240 ft) below the top. The blockbusters Apocalypse Now, Rambo 3 and Anaconda were filmed here.... and with reason... this is pure jungle!!